About Us

We founded our company in 2009 as one tiny lobster shack sourcing seafood from Luke’s father’s seafood business. In 2012 we started our own seafood company to meet our shacks’ increasing demand for top quality seafood as we grew. As such, we are the primary supplier of traceable, sustainable seafood to all Luke’s Lobster shacks where we are able to maintain our commitment to serving 100% traceable seafood in all of our shacks.


Luke’s Lobster first opened its doors in the East Village in 2009. We now bring traceable, sustainable seafood to guests across the world. We work directly with fishermen to hand pick the best seafood, bring it straight to our own seafood company and then ship directly to our shacks. Cutting out the middleman means better tasting lobster, crab and shrimp for you to enjoy and a fairer price for our fishermen.


We serve seafood straight from the source, prepared pure and simple, without the filler. We pair our seafood with chowders and bisques. We choose partners who uphold our commitment to sourcing superior, sustainable ingredients and strive to support other small businesses, many of which are based in Maine or local to the cities where we’ve opened shacks.


In order to make healthy, responsible decisions about what we eat, we must know where our food comes from and how it’s been harvested and handled. We are proud to be able to trace every pound of seafood we serve back to the harbour where it was sustainably caught and to support fishermen we know and trust. Learn more about our seafoods’ journey.